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Characteristics of a Good Mobile Phone for the Elderly


Today, one cannot do without a mobile phone. These devices have replaced the landline as the main means of communication between individuals. The mobile phone industry has become a billion dollar industry and has grown with the popularity of cell phones and the services that power them. Mobile phone manufacturers have then since manufactured different types of cell phones and programs that will fit almost anybody including seniors.


A mobile phone for elderly was released which saw the potential of a senior citizen market for mobile phone service providers. So, in order to take advantage of the senior citizen market, mobile phone companies launched programs and cell phones designed for the elderly.


Soon after the simple senior phone came out, they realized that these types of phone would also benefit the disabled. Since both groups have weak limbs and diminished senses, then it is just clear to see that cell phones made for seniors can also benefit the disabled. Here are some things that could help find the best mobile phone for seniors and the disabled.


What should characterize the ideal cell phones for elderly? You should give an elderly person a simple mobile phone. Simple mobile phone do not have many features and are not difficult to use. Don't make then use a complicated phone with many instructions but a phone that has simple functions and instructions.


Another characteristic of an ideal cellphone for seniors is that the handset have large keys. The fingers of senior citizens are already frail and their eyesight are weak so if they can dial by feel, then it is the best for their condition. Make sure that they can easily press the keys with their weak fingers. There should also be a wide space between keys so that the elderly will be able to choose the correct key more easily. Get more facts about cell phones at https://www.encyclopedia.com/manufacturing/encyclopedias-almanacs-transcripts-and-maps/cellular-phones.


The ideal cell phone for seniors must have a large screen. This will help the see the information on the device clearly. It is not ideal to give seniors fashionable and stylish phone with small keys. If the elderly are to see the numbers and letters on the screen, then it should have a large font.


It is up to the elderly to choose the right size of mobile phone for himself. Small phone will be difficult for an elderly to hold. They can easily drop it. They might not be comfortable carrying a large phone too. You should choose the right size and weight that would be suitable for an elderly person.


The elderly need a durable cell phone. It should be something that can withstand being dropped several times.  An ideal cell phone for seniors is that which can be dropped many times but still function well.